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Elysia Rourke


Elysia (Ah-LEE-sha) writes about seas, valleys, and mountains both real and imagined. She loves a good coming-of-age story, especially if it tackles the big things in life: family, purpose, and finding our footing in a messy, beautiful world. 

Elysia lives in a small Hallmark movie town outside Ottawa, Ontario with her husband, two sons, and dog. When not writing, Elysia can be found reading, journaling, or playing with her kids. She has a weakness for London fogs, Christmas morning, and a salty ocean breeze. Elysia is the founder of the Almonte Writers Guild

Elysia's preferred pronouns are she/her.

Whale Fall

Middle Grade Contemporary

A young orca is taken from her family and forced to grow up in captivity. Whale Fall is Elysia's debut novel. 

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Untitled Project #1

Middle Grade Contemporary

Hatchet on a glacier with the familiar feelings of isolation, claustrophobia, and fear that have come with the global pandemic.

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